Management & Consulting Services

ManSask Management works with organizations, business principals or management teams in planning, identifying, executing and realizing corporate or departmental goals in the areas of (but not limited to):

  • Strategic Development & Planning
  • Procurement (and Purchasing)
  • Domestic & Import Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing (Pricing & Market Placement)
  • Territory Development
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Management Board Development
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Succession Planning

Strategic Development & Planning

ManSask Management will help analyze or develop your business model and what your corporate and/or personal goals are for your organization. We will help you formulate and visualize where you want your business/organization to go and what you want it to look like going forward.

Procurement (and Purchasing)

First, a clarification regarding the terms procurement and purchasing is key. Procurement involves sourcing activities, the strategic and complete analysis in the selection of suppliers, establishing payment terms, the negotiation of agreements with suppliers and manufacturers, and the actual purchasing of products and services.

Purchasing is the process of how goods and services are ordered and received, e.g. issuing of purchase orders, managing advance shipping notices, receiving and recording product, invoice appraisal and approval, and payment to the vendor.

ManSask Management can help you in the development of your procurement options and decisions, right through to the final purchasing function. As well, and as equally important, we will assist in developing and maintaining vital and meaningful relationships with your suppliers. Ken Essex maintains “you make your money when you buy the product that you are ultimately going to sell!”

Domestic & Import Sourcing

Ken Essex has had dealings with many tire industry distributors, suppliers and manufacturers on the Canadian scene, and has a network of contacts in Canada and the U.S., and beyond North American borders. ManSask Management can help you explore these opportunities where applicable.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is all about having the right inventory, at the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. ManSask Management can analyse and help develop inventory levels to assure optimum product availability for your customers while utilizing supplier inventories and programs. This also involves information obtained during the procurement function, and will certainly include such areas as product assessment (quality and value), payment terms, shipping opportunities and how they may impact your business. We can manage these functions for you, or work with your existing staff to build their expertise and confidence in this important process.

Marketing (Pricing & Market Placement)

ManSask Management will analyze your business and the products and services you specialize in, determine value, pricing placement and market placement and work with you to communicate that information to your current and potential customers.

Territory Development

ManSask Management can review the market in which you currently sell, understand and evaluate how you are doing in that market, and assist with looking at new markets you may be interested in or present themselves.

Sales and Sales Management

A broad understanding of what a customer feels and how that customer  reacts to different approaches in a sales interaction is one of the key elements in a sales person’s  success. ManSask Management can work with your sales team or your current sales manager to develop sales disciplines that focus on your business model, ideals and goals. Expanding on this we can assist in sales planning, and even the recruitment process of your sales staff to ensure on-going positive and motivated sales professionals.

Management Board Development

ManSask Management will assist the organization or business principal with assessing and building competent, productive and dynamic management teams.

Policies & Procedures

Policy and procedural guidelines for your organization provide clarity and guidance on the image to be portrayed, and verifies the organization’s actions in order to adhere to and uphold  that policy. ManSask Management can help you build those policies and put procedures in place to attain them, whether for a small organization or one of a larger corporate or board scale.

Succession Planning

ManSask Management will respectfully and confidentially work with you through determining options and goals in succession or end of ownership decisions and opportunities.

ManSask Management’s mission is to grow your business by focusing on Markets, Inventory, Sales and Strategic Planning

Management Consulting / Inventory / Procurement / Distribution / Sales & Sales Management / Strategic Development

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