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When one asks what ManSask Management is all about, the easy answer is to say who Ken Essex is and that he has over 4 decades in the Automotive Industry. Beyond that, he first and foremost attributes his successful track record and the success of the organizations he has been associated with to people – Principals, Managers and Staff working together to attain corporate and individual goals.

ManSask Management’s mission is to grow your business by focusing on Markets (territory and customer base), Inventory (procurement, purchasing and management), Sales (people, product value and training), and Strategic Planning (short and long term and where applicable, succession planning).  But the most important mission ManSask Management has in working with your organization is to help Business Principals, Management Teams and Staff create:

  • high levels of economic success in your business
  • value in the products you sell
  • efficient and productive day to day operations
  • positive experiences and relationships in attaining both professional and personal goals


Over 44 years in the Automotive, Tire and Rubber industry covering: Retail  /  Wholesale  /  Domestic & Import   /  Tires, Tubes, Wheels  & Tracks  /  Automotive  /  Commercial Truck  /  Agriculture  / Loader, Earthmover & Off-Road  /  Forestry  /  Industrial – Material Handling & Construction  /  Turf & Garden

with the following leading organizations:

  • Total Tire Distributors / Kal Tire
  • Regional Tire Distributors
  • Sturgeon Tire (1993) Ltd.
  • Eastern Chrysler
  • Goodyear Canada Inc.
  • York Tire


  • Director, Western Canada Tire Dealers Association
  • President, Western Canada Tire Dealers Association
  • Director, Tire Dealers Association of Canada
  • Director, Tire Stewardship Manitoba


  • Big Brothers of Winnipeg
  • South Interlake Rockwood Agricultural Society
  • Stonewall United Church Pastoral Charge
  • Stonewall Childrens’ Centre
  • Interlake 4-H Clubs
  • Manitoba 4-H Council
  • Communication and Leadership Workshops (for youth and adults across Manitoba)
  • Meadows Community Hall Board of Directors
ManSask Management’s mission is to grow your business by focusing on Markets, Inventory, Sales and Strategic Planning

Management Consulting / Inventory / Procurement / Distribution / Sales & Sales Management / Strategic Development

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